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Chester and Nantwich Advanced Drivers

Chester and Nantwich Advanced Drivers are a Registered Charity, number: 1112887

The Chester and Nantwich Advanced Drivers Group was formed in the 1960's and until recently, was known as Cheshire Advanced Motorists. A Registered Charity run entirely by unpaid volunteers, our main function is to improve driving standards and to advance the cause of Road Safety.

Affiliated to IAM Road Smart, also a Registered Charity, we are completely self-funding. A free Newsletter is issued to our Members on a regular basis. We also hold member events, such as karting nights, bowling nights and an annual awards evening.

The group committee meet on a monthly basis and are happy to receive correspondence from both members and non members. Please see our contact details on the contact page.

The group currently has around 100 members. A number of these are observers and we currently have around 20 associate members receiving driver guidance and preparing to pass the advanced test.

As a group run by volunteers, with a dedicated team of observers, we are always on the lookout for new members to join, whether this to join the committee, become an observer or to take the IAM test.