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Home Office support for road policing is good news

Monday, 19 January 2009

The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists), the UK's largest independent road safety charity, today welcomed the Government's response to last October's hard-hitting report on road safety from the House of Commons Transport Select Committee (TSC).

MPs on the TSC strongly criticised the Home Office in its report for giving low priority to road policing issues.

Neil Grieg, Director of Research and Policy at the IAM, said: "With the number of traffic police decreasing and a perception that most enforcement is done by camera, it is very gratifying to see a strong commitment from the Home Office to make road safety and crash reduction a key priority area for chief constables.

"The promised Government consultation on road safety strategy this spring will be a golden opportunity to break through the stubborn levels of deaths on our roads and make real progress towards a long term goal of zero deaths. Vision, leadership and consistent funding will still be required up to 2020 but we welcome today's response as a positive signpost along the road to eradicating avoidable death, injury and heartache on Britain's roads," added Mr Greig.