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Price rises should fund MOT reminders says IAM

Saturday, 7 March 2009

The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) wants MOT fee increases to be used to fund reminders to motorists when their MOT is due. The call comes as MOT fees are set to increase for the fifth year running.

Since 2004 the cost of an MOT has gone up by one third leaving motorists to fork out an extra £13.25 for no obvious improvement in service. The new MOT fees are currently out for consultation from VOSA, the Government's vehicle testing agency.

IAM Director of Policy and Research, Neil Greig, said: "Motorists have faced constant test fee increases for the past five years, each one above inflation, but they have not seen much improvement in the service.

"VOSA could add value for money by sending out reminders to motorists when their MOT is due, just as the DVLA do with car tax and insurance companies do for insurance. This would cut down on the number motorists who forget that their MOT has expired and continue to use the roads in a
technically illegal and potentially unsafe vehicle."

An IAM survey in 2007 found that 32 per cent of motorists had forgotten when their MOT was due and continued to drive -- and break the law -- without realising it. It also found 71 per cent think it would be a good idea for garages to send out reminders.

The MOT system is now fully computerised and linked to other databases but there are still no plans to issue motorists with simple reminders that their MOT is due.