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CANAM was joined by Reg Local

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Nick Stein shares his views on the evening...

'How Not To Crash' was the catchy title of a presentation given to CANAM on Thursday 16th March at Nantwich Civic Hall. The event was well publicized and about forty people, including some prospective new associates, attended to hear our speaker John Gregory, also known by his pseudonym 'Reg Local'.

Reg started by establishing his credentials – he’s a former police driving instructor with years of experience and is now an IAM and RoSPA examiner as well as being an enthusiastic petrol-head. Tragically, about 20 years ago, his sister was killed in an RTA and this personal incident gives him an empathic understanding of what about 1500 families a year go through in the UK. That’s nearly five families every day who experience the devastation of losing someone they love in a road accident.

With that sobering thought, Reg talked about what makes an advanced or 'thinking' driver. He has refined his list to eleven key principles which he explained and discussed.

After a break, Reg moved onto the topic of what causes crashes and here there were some interesting statistics. He explained that, perhaps surprisingly, nearly three quarters of reportable accidents are caused by drivers who fail to look properly or fail to judge the speed and path of another vehicle or person. That's why observation is such a key skill for an advanced driver.

Reg was an entertaining and engaging speaker with plenty of anecdotes and use of humour to lighten the underlying seriousness of his subject. For those of you unable to attend his talk, his two books are easily available and are definitely worth a read, whether you are a new driver or a master. Likewise, his series of videos, available on You-Tube are an easy and entertaining way to refresh the principles of advanced driving.

At the end of a lively Q & A session, Reg was asked what he thought was the one thing that would most improve road safety and reduce crashes. Without hesitation, he replied 'back off' increased separation between vehicles is the key. That is sound advice to all drivers.

The evening was a success and we look forward to welcoming Reg back next year for another talk. 'How Not To Crash' certainly makes you think - and that's the whole point. Make sure that you don't miss Reg next time!