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Public Assessment Drives

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Did you know that we are always happy to come out to your local group, whether it is a WI group in the area, or a club, if you are looking to use a slot in one of your weekly or monthly meetings? We have recently run evenings of assessed drives for Nantwich Rotary Club and also Barthomley WI.

We will bring along some of our group Observers, we will devise a route in your area which will take about 45 minutes to drive, and cover around 20-25 miles. Each of your members will drive along the route, and the Observer will assess the drive. They will each get a brief written report at the end of it.

The drives are great fun, and it is always interesting to see how many good and bad habits you have developed over the years since you passed your driving test. The assessed drives are free (although the WI cakes and tea were an added bonus!) and there is always the opportunity to discuss going on to take your advanced driving course and test.

Do get in touch with us if you think your group would like a fun, informative and different way of spending an evening!

Email Leigh@crewenantwicham.org.uk for any help.

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